About Us

FIT Alfa's main author & Coach is Zaid Alfa.

Zaid Alfa is a psychology graduate from Towson university. He’s found the traditional approach to health does not work for many people and a holistic approach better addresses today’s health challenges.

Zaid has spent the last 5 years studying Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness Meditation, and the art & science of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

After overcoming his own chronic pain, social anxiety, and debilitating depression, he regained control over his health and happiness.

Now he enjoys a strong and pain free body, a healthy gut, immune system, and a clear brain that helps him tackle his goals while enjoying peace of mind. 

Zaid has made it his mission to help others like him (YOU) do the same. 

Through proper nutrition, daily movement, and mental-emotional strategies, most people can heal their chronic ailments, regain control of their health, and feel happy in their own skin.

FIT Alfa's blog, eBooks, and online programs are designed to offer you knowledge and experiences that enhance your health in body, heart, and mind. 

Our content focuses on health habits and practices around: 

  • Posture and strengthening the body
  • Nutrition tips to heal the gut and the brain
  • Mental-emotional strategies for fulfilling relationships
  • NLP tools to hack the brain and fuel success in personal and professional life
  • Mindfulness tips and techniques to truly know who we are beyond our anxieties, conditioning, and constant mental chatter
  • Personal stories and experiences around health, LOTS of failures, and successes for YOU to learn from today

We went through a lot of pain to learn what we know now, and our mission is to be a beacon of light and truth, in a world full of misinformation. 

We have helped HUNDREDS of people heal chronic pain and regain control of their health. We wish to help you do just that.